Fiiberoptika saatja + vastuvõtja 1310/1550 4 video, SM 20km, NSW

276.00 € 276.0 EUR

295.00 €

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Multi-mode fiber optic transmission: 50/125; 62.5/125; 100/140 um

Single mode transmission: 8.3/125; 8.7/125; 9/125; 10/125 µM

Technology used: ASIC with DSP

Transmits the digital/analog signal on an 8 MHz band, over a distance of up to 20 Km

Number of video channels: 4 (BNC at 75 Ohm)

Voltage: 1V v-v, with a signal-to-noise ratio > 85dB, with a frequency response < 2dB

Transmission speed RS-232- DC-512Kbps

Bitrate error < 10E-12

Supports point to point transmission

Ethernet interface: 10/100Mbit/s self-adaptive

Interface type: RJ-45

Standards: IEEE802.3U 100base-TX, 10/100M

Communication format: full-duplex or half-duplex

Power supply: 5V/2A (power supplies included in the price)

The kit contains transmitter and receiver