Advanced Triband signal Booster Nikrans BD-300GDW + 5G

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BD-300GDW Overview

Nikrans BD-300GDW is a modern triband amplifier developed for boosting 4G, 3G and GSM signals. This booster model has two indoor antennas that are connected to a repeater box. Thanks to this peculiarity, the amplifier can cover a wider indoor area with a fully stable signal. An LCD screen helps to make the use of the booster even more comfortable. It will show all the important data on the signal power and the network state.

Coverage area

The device has a pretty wide coverage area. It is able to enhance a high quality of mobile connection within the area of up to 300 m². This booster can be suitable for offices, business premises, hotels and other public places.

Signal types supported

BD-300GDW can improve signals transmitted at three different frequency bands: 900, 1800 and 2100 MHz.  All these frequencies are widely used by operators in Europe, Asia and Africa.

As the booster is able to work with three frequencies, it means that the device can solve all your problems with GSM, 3G and 4G reception at the same time.

Benefits and features

This triband amplifier can become a universal solution as it works with different types of signals. Moreover, it has a lot of other benefits that make it a good choice for you.

  • Quick installation. 15-20 minutes will be enough for you to install this booster even if you have never installed any devices of this kind.
  • Support of multiple connections. Even when a lot of mobile devices are using the signal that is improved by your repeater, the signal won’t deteriorate.
  • Automatic control. BD-300 GDW booster tracks the state of the network and the power of the signal. If something goes wrong, it will switch off in order to protect you from any serious consequences.

Kit contents and setup

One of the key advantages of our triband amplifier is the fact that you will receive a full kit that will be fully ready for installation. You do not need to buy any additional accessories. BD-300GDW has two indoor antennas (one should be connected directly to a booster box while the second one is intended for being mounted on the ceiling) and one outdoor antenna. It is highly recommended to install this external antenna on the roof of the building but if it is impossible, you can find a good location somewhere near the window. The kit also includes a booster box that is a central element of the set. It will be responsible for stabilizing the signal while antennas will catch the signal transmitted by your operator and then, after strengthening, send it to mobile devices located within the coverage area of the repeater.

Operating rules

Even if this mobile signal booster is the first one that you see in your life, you will easily manage to install it following our step-by-step instructions provided in a manual that we will send to you together with your booster. This mobile amplifier is absolutely safe for your health. What is more, the repeater is able to reduce the level of radiation emissions produced by your smartphone. That’s why you can install the booster in any rooms, even those where you spend a lot of time every day.

BD-300GDW will become the most efficient solution for any signal issues in different kinds of buildings.

Our professional support managers will be always happy to help you in making the right choice and ordering the best booster in your situation.

Application for booster status tracking

Monitoring of booster’s functioning has never been easier. Now, to have the possibility to track the ongoing working status of your device, it will be enough just to open an app on your smartphone and ensure your booster’s WiFi connection. When everything is done correctly, you can track the functioning of your repeater even when you are far away from your home or office where it is installed.

Indoor coverage: 300 m²

Up-link freq: 880-915MHz, 1710-1785MHz, 1920-1980 MHz

Down-link freq: 925-960MHz, 1805-1880MHz, 2110-2170 MHz

Up-link Gain: 70±2 dB

Down-link Gain: 70±2 dB

Power Output: Input AC110~240V, output DC6V/12A, 3A

Working t °C: -25/+55

Humidity: 5 - 95%

IP-Code: IP44

Size (mm): 220*175*47mm

Booster Weight: 1.75 kg

dBm: 20 dBm